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23. Sapphire and Rose Set


Sales price £29.98

The Sapphire Divine Peace Spray and the Rose Inner Child spray were both made the same week – albeit with different oils and crystals. They just seem to go together beautifully and I have noticed already that people are choosing them together, so thought would offer them as a set although they can be bought independently too.
Inner Child work can be a challenging process if we have issues or patterns from childhood that seem hard to face – the Sapphire spray helps bring calmness and an ability to transform hurt and pain to peace and acceptance.
Used together they create a shift that enables a safe space to explore issues around childhood and family that may otherwise be too difficult to look at.  If you have an Inner Child within you that for whatever reason is not at ease or peace – the Sapphire spray seems to help with that process.
Ideally spray the Rose Inner Child spray first – connect into your Inner Child and feel for what he or she is trying to say to you or how they are presenting themselves. The Sapphire Peace spray used afterwards brings a healing to whatever may have been brought to the surface to be looked at.
A different way to work with them is to use the Sapphire Peace Spray first to give strength, protection and a place of safety and then use the Inner Child spray to allow him or her to reveal themselves. Used together with drawing / expressing yourself through artwork or via handwriting (use the OPPOSITE hand to that which you write with to connect with your inner child) can be really effective.
You can also use both sprays to just go into meditation with Metatron and / or ask for healing that is needed. 

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