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21. Rose – Inner Child


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Each of you came into this world pure, innocent and full of wonder and joy. Look at a young baby – delighted in every little thing, each advancement, every new sight, sensation and texture.  Life can soon knock that out of you – many of you are damaged or affected by patterns, behaviour and actions in childhood – some of these have been intentional and can form deep lasting scars in the form of emotional or physical abuse, others of you are damaged by unintentional behaviour – norms passed down from one generation to the next, societal pressure and expectation, lack of awareness / spiritual understanding by those who were / are in fact your earthly guardians.
And yet whatever has happened or been experienced – you survived it all – you emerged from childhood to where you are today. Many of you have grown, developed, changed – but so often the child within gets abandoned at a stage in life that just became too heavy to carry forward. And so there he or she sits and waits – watching who you are now – wondering when they will be remembered / acknowledged and heard again.
Like the name of the spray itself each Inner child sits like a bud within our heart – some buds are withered and affected by blight, others are very tiny and stunted in size, others are so ripe the bud wants to burst open and be seen in all its glory.   The energy of this spray creates a well of love for that rosebud to sit within, and as the light gets shone on to it – so the petals unfurl and the Inner Child knows it is safe and the right time to appear once again revitalised by love once more – an energy it remembers before incarnation.
The Inner Child may need to be treated gently, carefully, respectfully – and the rose pink energy allows this effortlessly. In addition an Inner Child that is angry, frustrated and wants to lash out will be soothed by the pink embrace of love, where all tension and pain softly dissolves. It is also safe to express emotion within the pink embrace, knowing that you are held always.
And then once healing occurs the child within wants to join you on your journey now.....to experience all you experience, to enjoy life and remind you of the need to play, to be creative, to explore to do silly things again just for fun and laughter and the sheer delight of being alive.


Rose Inner Child Spray for Embracing, Healing, Listening to and Incorporating your Inner Child into your life once more.
Essential Oils: - Rose Otto, Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang
Crystals Used: - Mango Calcite, Morganite, Rose Quartz, Penetration Quartz, Empowerite, Rhodachrosite, Pink Kyanite

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