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15. White Light - Merkaba Energy Spray


Sales price £17.77

When you need the purity and the cleansing refreshment of white light this is the spray to use.

It prepares you for any heightened spiritual state – be it Merkaba activation, meditation, healing, channelling etc.

It is very powerful and was made not just with clear quartz Merkaba crystals but all 5 platonic solid crystals too. The Platonic solids are called the building blocks of life.

The energy within this spray correlates with when you want to start again, begin anew, rebirth into a new way or transitional state.

It is hugely helpful when setting sacred space around you, and also when clearing lower energy that you may have come into contact with in day to day life.

It can be used on different levels from helping to activate your divine light body and merkaba state – to at a more general level clearing space.

White Light is multi functional and when you are confused over which colour you need – white light is always safe and supportive. Similar to the quartz spray it hols the imprint of al rainbow colours within it and if you need red you will get red, if you need blue you will get blue.

White is an amplifier energy and so this spray will help amplify anything that you are doing.

Use it in manifestation as well as to boost healing etc.

Together with the flame essence these two make up a power pack of Metatrons help, support, love and light. 

They can be used anywhere over the body and at all times and for every situation you may find yourself in.

White Light for Expansion, Purification, Heightened Spiritual States and Cleansing