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13. Lemon – Joy Energy Spray


Sales price £17.77

Where do you block joy? Joy is about the simple things – the laughter of children, the suns heat, the newly mown grass, the sound of singing, the bloom of flowers, the recognition of a friends face...the list is endless. And yet so often you seek it in big ways, in impossible ways – so you say to yourself – I will be happy when this happens or that happens. I say look again – joy can be with you right now, in this moment, in these circumstances.

There can be joy amongst even sad times – if you look for it. Savour every experience, look for the higher meanings and blessings within any situation you find yourself in. There are always blessings....

Feel the happiness of the Lemon energy as it is able to sink in to all the dark places within you – all the sadness all the despair...

And feel it lift you into a different space – that of joy and laughter and happiness.

For the angels and Metatron bring joy – they are not about despair or lack of hope but the very opposite. They want you to feel their light, their love and their happiness of spirit.

This Lemon spray is also useful to help connect into your inner child – and lift her spirits and sense of wellbeing. For those of you that have had difficult childhoods or are going through one at present – use the Lemon spray to help lift your vibration and feel the happiness of the angels around you.

Lemon is the centre of the brightest daisy bursting to reveal its simple beauty. It is the tallest proudest sunflower. It is also linked to the sun – the life force of our world, and to the restorative effects of sunshine and dappled sunsets.

Use lemon to remember how simple it is to be joyful in our world – to turn your attention away from that which is ugly, and instead to that which is beautiful.

Lemon for Joy, Lemon for Happiness, Lemon for Healing the Inner Child, Lemon for Confidence, Lemon for Laughter