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10. Silver – Crown Energy Spray


Sales price £17.77


Like the Soul Star I stand at your Crown as gatekeeper – nothing will be allowed through it or be accessible that is not of the right vibration for you.

The silver light it acts as a filter – removing anything of low vibration and instead clearing a path for that which is good and of the light.

As your Crown expands and opens so do you. You see new horizons, new vistas and new possibilities.  You are guided and nudged by many beings of light who whisper to you of forgotten talents, gifts and attributes that you came into this lifetime with.

It is your safe platform from which to enter other realms and meet many kindred souls from your own soul group (living and in spirit) – as well as those who are linked to you via different galaxies and star systems.

Just as a 6 pointed star reaches out in different directions and orientations – the opening of your Crown reveals new paths and energies that you cannot see or sense when purely locked into the physical body.

Silver is a safe protected pace from which to; explore, experience, learn and grow. It neutralises anything harmful to you, and reflects back to sender anything negative that another has sent your way.

Not only can silver be excellent for opening the Crown chakra but it acts as first defence in your energy field keeping your own energy body intact and whole. Use it to repair any holes in the aura, or any places which are weakened by others negative behaviour or actions.

Silver light can be blinding and is powerfully used to deter those of lower energies to come near to us.  It can be a shield that stands over us allowing us to really open up and use all our senses to experience the spiritual world around us.

Silver for Protection, Silver for Openness, Silver for Spiritual Gateway, Silver for Filtering.