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05. Lime – Heart Energy Spray


Sales price £17.77

For our hearts to be fully open and to be functioning well there is a need for purity and what has been called zero state. By that we mean a state of cleanliness – not clogged up with old emotions, upsets and pain – these will eventually lead to disease if not removed and replaced with something else.

The Lime vibration lifts from the heart anything stuck, anything old that is no longer needed, anything that is slowing the pumping of the heart to its normal rhythm.

Lime is alkalising – Lime is revitalising and refreshing – it creates a place of bright unsullied beauty, enabling the heart to raise its vibration, to open itself to giving and receiving unconditional love – and for being a powerful transmitter of the new Metatron energies arriving now on our planet.

In a way it is rebirth for our hearts that welcome in the springtime air once winter has gone. Lime gets to the roots of an issue and also plants seeds firmly in the ground.
It is the ultimate supporter when we are ready to grow and change and lift ourselves from where we have been to where we COULD be...

It will bring clarity to any situation which causes us heart ache, showing us the higher perspective and bigger picture at all times. It can be successfully used in any distance work to clear the path for others. It can also be used not just at the heart – but anywhere where Metatrons cleansing light is needed. 

Lime for cleansing. Lime for growth, Lime for clarity and Lime for raising the divine feminine energy within us all that is seated at the heart.