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04. Fuchsia – Solar Plexus Energy Spray


Sales price £17.77

Zest for life, zest for love, zest for right now....

Life wasn’t meant to be hard and grinding – you are born now in times of great opportunity yet so many still look only at the negative around them.  Lift your energy, let the shock of fuchsia pink love strike you in the centre of your being, waking you from slumber, and all that is difficult in your world.  Yes many of you face challenges – that is a huge part of what you chose when you incarnated –  and yet whatever place you are in – life offers another chance, another new day, another go at all of it. And I am beside you at such times of renewal.

Use the sheer forcefulness of this love to move you forward, to shine your light with the brightest intensity you can manage. 
There is nothing to fear – only fear itself is frightening. Look again at the love and the light that is all around you – feel my presence and then rise above all that weighs you down – everything that diminishes your light – and SHINE....

Fuchsia is a colour that is shocking – it is shocking how much YOU are loved, how much YOU are held and supported.

Use this spray whenever you feel ‘small’ or insignificant – because at such times you have simply forgotten – forgotten all that you are, and all that you can be. Let my fuchsia pink light highlight where you are going wrong or where the next step or turn needs to be.

Tune into the centre of your being – this sensitive part in all of you that came here to DO- not just simply sit and wait. 

Fuchsia for when a kick start is needed, Fuchsia for tough love, Fuchsia for reigniting your own flame and passions.