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03. Plum – Sacral Energy Spray


Sales price £17.77

Metatrons love right into the place where we store our shocks, our hurts and our pain – whether old, new or such deep rooted ‘stuff’ we are not even aware of its existence.

This love is unconditional, this love recognises you as divine and the powerful being that you are. This frequency of love will never fail you, never abandon you and never not support you...

It sees who you are, who you have been, and all of what you can become.

The barriers and blockages that hold you in fear and stuckness can be overcome. Your true self can emerge from the shadows. Use this spray to tap into new fertile ground where you are not pulled back, but lovingly pushed forward. 

Where you can be creative, sexual, joyous and free....

As the hymn says - The love that asks no questions, the love that pays the price, the love that never falters – the final sacrifice...

Put your hand in Metatrons and feel his love and pride in you.  This level of care and divine love is bestowed on all who are called. 

Within the plum colour of this spray we have the richness and majesty of love in all its splendour. The deep purple colour of the plum as it shows its ripeness, it’s readiness for use, and the expectation of all that flows from within it.

Tap into its depth and beauty and let all the hurt and feeling of restriction go – and welcome in the new way....