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01. Bronze - Earth Star Energy Spray


Sales price £17.77

I Archangel Sandalphon watch over you – helping you to take steps in this life that are on track, in line with your true purpose and of the right intensity. There are times to take little steps and other times huge strides are needed. I help to plant and ground all your ideas, ambitions, projects and plans into reality. 

I watch over you with compassion and gentleness and will help anyone feeling stuck, unsure or needing help to move forward.  There may also be times when you are asked to stand still – reflect and look at where you are and where you have been. I watch over this process also.

I see you as a child of the earth – part of Gaia and all that is good regarding this beautiful planet Earth on which you reside. I watch over your growth as I do everything living on this earth – the trees, the plants, the birds in the sky – all are part of this reality and this world. 

My colour of bronze stands bright and proud – but if you look closer into its reflection you see many colours of the earth. In truth like Metatron I embody many colours – the deep reds and browns of the earth, the blackness of coal, the green of roots and shrubs, the golden core of the earth, the colours of mineral, crystal, and all that which lies beneath our feet. So remember my reflection and my brightness and my soft strength which will always support you, and in terms of crises will hold you when you need carrying....