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Metatron Colour Sprays

Above all else these sprays are ENERGY – they may smell nice, they may look nice – but they are energetic tools to help you, clear blockages, access higher states of being, and welcome in the presence of Archangel Metatron into your life.

They are powerful aids to meditation and connection with Metatrons guidance and love.

They can be used by ANYONE in any healing capacity – Metatron wants them shared and they are safe to use with other healing modalities such as Reiki if you feel pulled to use them. They will just amplify the healing energy!  They obviously were specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Metatrons own healing system that I teach – Divine Light Healing, but are not confined by just that.

01. Bronze - Earth Star Energy Spray

I Archangel Sandalphon watch over you – helping you to take ...

Sales price: £14.99

02. Crimson - Base Energy Spray

Be at peace with your physical body – with its ...

Sales price: £14.99

03. Plum – Sacral Energy Spray

Metatrons love right into the place where we store our ...

Sales price: £14.99

04. Fuchsia – Solar Plexus Energy Spray

Zest for life, zest for love, zest for right now.... Life ...

Sales price: £14.99

05. Lime – Heart Energy Spray

For our hearts to be fully open and to be functioning well ...

Sales price: £14.99

06. Jade - Higher Heart and Thymus

Jade for the Higher Heart and Thymus – a place within each ...

Sales price: £14.99

07. Aquamarine – Throat Energy Spray

Communication done in a different way..... Speaking and ...

Sales price: £14.99

08. Quartz – Third Eye Energy Spray

You only see a fraction of what is possible... Let me open ...

Sales price: £14.99

09. Teal Alta Major Chakra Energy Spray

The Alta Major Chakra point is situated at the base of the ...

Sales price: £14.99

10. Silver – Crown Energy Spray

Like the Soul Star I stand at your Crown as gatekeeper – ...

Sales price: £14.99

11. Lavender – Soul Star Spray

A lavender Soul Star – the gentlest softest resting place ...

Sales price: £14.99

12. Gold Dust – Stellar Gateway Energy Spray

So refined, so light, so precious – gold could be the only ...

Sales price: £14.99

13. Lemon – Joy Energy Spray

Where do you block joy? Joy is about the simple things – ...

Sales price: £14.99

14. Flame – Attunement & Connection Spray

My Metatron guiding light flame is bright orange. It is a ...

Sales price: £14.99

15. White Light - Merkaba Energy Spray

When you need the purity and the cleansing refreshment of ...

Sales price: £14.99

16. Metatron Chakra Support Set

Buy the complete Metatron set for a 20% discount off the ...

Sales price: £168.00

17. Rainbow Bridge – Spirit Release

In earthly terms we talk about rainbows and finding pots of ...

Sales price: £14.99

18. Bluebell Bridge – For Loss & Grief

This spray could easily have been called Peace for it helps ...

Sales price: £14.99

20. Emerald - Renewal & Recovery

With this energy you are taken into an ancient forest with ...

Sales price: £14.99

21. Rose – Inner Child

Each of you came into this world pure, innocent and full of ...

Sales price: £14.99

22. Sapphire – Divine Peace

How do we find peace in a world of seemingly endless ...

Sales price: £14.99

23. Sapphire and Rose Set

The Sapphire Divine Peace Spray and the Rose Inner Child ...

Sales price: £29.98

24. Sunrise - New Dawn

Used together with the Midnight Indigo Spray this Sunrise ...

Sales price: £14.99

25. Midnight Indigo - Light in the Darkness

Together with the Sunrise - New Dawn spray - this Midnight ...

Sales price: £14.99

26. Sunrise and Midnight Indigo Set

Sunrise and Midnight Indigo Set

Sales price: £29.98

27. Lilac Light - to still the mind

Lilac Light to still the mind - to go within and find a ...

Sales price: £14.99


Magenta - an anointing spray for when you wish to to ...

Sales price: £14.99

29. Christ Light, Cosmic Love

Strip everything back to whom you really are....you are ...

Sales price: £14.99

30. Earth Elemental Spray

Allow the Earth Elemental energy to bring you HOME.

Sales price: £14.99

31. Air Element Spray

The gift of air - to soar and reach heightened states.

Sales price: £14.99

32. Water Elemental Spray

Allow these blessed holy waters to revive and purify you.

Sales price: £14.99

33. Fire Elemental Sprays

This Fire Elemental spray captures the energy of one of ...

Sales price: £14.99

34. Cosmos Elemental Spray

Be all that you came here to be...

Sales price: £14.99

35. Full Elementals Set

To experience the full benefit try all 5 Elementals.

Sales price: £63.70

36. Spiritual Protection

This spray contains the Silver light of strength, ...

Sales price: £14.99

37. Protection Power Pack

Using these two sprays together provides the ultimate in ...

Sales price: £29.98

Olive - Hope

Hope- the greatest gift that can be given….to hope for ...

Sales price: £14.99