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I have created the Archangel Metatron Energy Sprays and am so pleased they are finally here! Each spray is hand made with love.

"Amanda, they are stunning! I am drawn to the lime, amber orange at the bottom, and the silver bottle...wonderful"

"So excited for you, they feel so vibrant and alive!!! Congratulations on your new work"!!!
"Wow! Wow! Wow!"

"Hi Amanda, Have received the sprays and want to say a heartfelt thank you. I just love them and their energy which one can feel by just holding and concentrating on Metatron, before even spraying them, not to mention the beautiful colours. Many thanks for bringing to fruition such an amazing project, and much love to you".

"Good Morning Amanda, parcel 1 of 3 arrived this morning.Oh my, the sheer joy and the wonderful energy that exploded like effervescence upon opening the package.I am like a child on Christmas morning.I am so looking forward to using these beautiful Essences personally and with my clients.I am currently setting up my healing practise and i have been blessed to work with Metatron as my mentor and guide.I remark at this moment in time how strong the energy of Sandolphon is presenting.The sense i get is that we wrap all in the energy of the Cosmic Heart and ask Sandolphon to ground all. This is a testing time with the play of unfolding events on Mother Earth.Much Love and Light to you and yours, Blessings, Ann"

"I love the white light spray! I couldn't believe the wonderful energy when it arrived. Just holding the bottle filled me with uplifting energies. I can't wait to try out the others. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful products"

Above all else these sprays are ENERGY – they may smell nice, they may look nice – but they are energetic tools to help you, clear blockages, access higher states of being, and welcome in the presence of Archangel Metatron into your life.

They are powerful aids to meditation and connection with Metatrons guidance and love.

They can be used by ANYONE in any healing capacity – Metatron wants them shared and they are safe to use with other healing modalities such as Reiki if you feel pulled to use them. They will just amplify the healing energy! They obviously were specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Metatrons own healing system that I teach – Divine Light Healing, but are not confined by just that.
The sprays are of an extremely high vibration and carry not only the messages of water (see individual messages for each) and crystals but the scent of aromatherapy oils that are specifically chosen for purpose.
Based on Dr Emotos work we also know that the words and designs that sacred water is exposed to are important. For those unfamiliar with his groundbreaking work, Dr Emoto is best known for his 1999 book Messages from Water, in which he details a number of experiments where water is frozen and the resultant ice crystals that form are scientifically photographed under a microscope.
What they clearly and consistently show is that the water crystals are affected by the vibration of whatever they have been exposed to. This can be a word such as ‘Love’ or ‘Angel’ where beautiful symmetric crystals are formed, or words such as ‘You Fool’ where
deformed non symmetrical crystal patterns form. I was blessed to be able to interview him in 2013 and one of the questions he asked me about Colour Therapy products is 'How do you get the water to carry the message of what it is supposed to heal'?

This is a valid question - and the answer in terms of my new Metatron Energy sprays is that it is:
1) The colour of the glass bottles infuses the vibration of that colour into the clear water / oil mixture inside
2) The powerful presence of not just Metatrons Cube but Metatrons name is carried into the product by being on it!
3) The energy of the crystals I used to energise the water with is present
4) Metatrons energy enters the water by invitation and is then sealed in

For fuller details of my interview with Dr Emoto see my newslettters page (April edition)

As Stated each spray is infused with the geometrical shape of Metatrons Cube.

20131110 092431

Metatrons Cube is a powerful sacred symbol that links to:
  • Manifestation
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Purification
  • Building block of life itself!

Here is a picture of Kyle Gray (The Angel Whisperer) and successful author of a number of Hay House books on angels trying out the Metatron Flame spray....(www.kylegray.co.uk)

He said "OMG I love it thank you...such a kind gift"


Although these sprays are based around the Chakra system with a few additional supportive essences – Metatron wants us to rethink how we look at the chakra system. This doesn’t mean that we are replacing traditional knowledge or colours but instead are looking at a different perspective on it. The Chakras and their colours have always been evolving... and will continue to do so.